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Of course the Daily Mail are evil and the undead embodiment of the Anti-Life Equation, but sometimes they are so far-right in their batshittery that they become accidentally hilarious.

How Europhile BBC turned triumph over Britain's veto into disaster they trumpet.

The BBC was accused of reporting Britain’s veto of the eurozone rescue plan as a national catastrophe rather than a tough decision David Cameron was forced to make. Conservative MPs said the broadcaster’s ‘biased’ coverage began on Radio 4’s flagship Today programme and continued throughout the day on radio and television. Presenters used solemn tones to inform listeners about Britain becoming isolated following David Cameron’s refusal to sign a new treaty.

It is of course, a confluence of Daily Mail obsessions, they get to bash foreigners and the BBC and buck up the Eurosceptic parts of the Conservative party. If you're the sort of person who is watching Cameron do his best to ensure that financial systems in the UK and Europe break down so much that the only people that can get jobs in future are those protecting the gated compound where Cameron and his family will live after the collapse and thinking that this may be a bad thing, go read the article to cheer yourself up. You may also enjoy reading the comments which are from people who really live in places like Exeter but claim they live in Russia 70 years ago to make the point that they lack a sense of proportion and cannot tell that modern day England is not actually in any way like Stalin's U.S.S.R. but they've never bothered to do any research to find that out.


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