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Based loosely on this (and be thankful I didn't go full on with this):

The Ordinary World:

The Call to Adventure:

Setting Out:

Facing Trials and Tribulations:

(If we do that with Neil and Chris we'll be here all night)

Overcoming Adversity:

Receiving the Reward:

Returning Home:

The Application of the Reward:

Neil and Chris have always complained that the Pet Shop Boys' 'story' always ends up as 'the pair go on a journey'.

The bias towards old stuff rather than new in this case was more accidental than intentional, I had Minimal in 'Setting Out' and Love Etc as a sort of P.S. to the whole adventure, even after the dragon is slain and the hero returns to their sweetheart all is not well in the world and it still bears the scars but cut both of them as this was supposed to be the short list. And I've not listened to Yes enough to place the songs anywhere. This Must Be The Place I Waited Years To Leave was obviously in 'The Ordinary World' intially and again, kicked out for length reasons, it's a shame because I always loved that 'Everybody, E-Everybody' sample running constantly in the background. I'm not sure whether using the live version of Opportunities works against it being in 'The Call to Adventure', the song is obviously there because the singer is tempting the listener to join them in their life of crime (or high finance "Bazinga!") but the pig chorus singing "Money!" makes me think it should go in the already packed 'Trials and Tribulations'. Conversely, this live version of West End Girls works even better in 'Returning Home' than the original, it's Sam and Frodo returning to Hobbiton and no-one there knowing exactly what they'd gone away to do in the first place (I did plan at one point to try and score 'LotR' with PSB songs. One day perhaps, when the sickness has addled me). It's only now I realise I could have put Always on my Mind in there too. And yet I included Yesterday When I Was Mad! I know, I'm a monster.

I'm also a disgrace to my parentage for not fitting Inner City Pressure in there, so have it now.


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