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Millennium Bridge Chewing Gum Art by Ben Wilson

'Before I Die' by Candy Chang, Borough Hight Street

I hurt myself the day I took the first picture. I'm still to this day not exactly sure how. I was doing a lot of kneeling down to take photos of Ben Wilson's tiny paintings on the chewing gum people had spat out on the Millennium Bridge and afterwards my legs obviously decided I had slighted them in some way and so were painful for several days after. Considering my moderate out-of-shapeness I wonder why I don't get this sort of thing happening to me more often rather than once out of the blue and then, so far, never again.

Not included here are the first pictures from my first foray into cake baking. They're all up in my Facebook photos instead. Someone had found and posted a link to a recipe for brownies almost entirely chocolate and including mini Cadbury's creme eggs. Rather than just say "that's cool" and move on I decided to actually try it for once. It was an epic undertaking as it was a three stage recipe which involved cooling time between each part and we started cooking in the evening so it wasn't finished until several days later. When it was done we sampled it and realised that it was both delicious so full of sugar that eating it made Popeyes reaction to spinach seem positively half-hearted. Since then I've started trying other cake recipes with some success.

I had read about Candy Chang's 'Before I Die' somewhere only a few days before I came across this London installation. I don't know how long it lasted on Borough High Street but it's now tucked away in one of the passages of Borough Market, as I discovered ten months later while looking for Paddington Bears.


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