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Children's Graffiti, 'Foreign Bodies, Common Ground', Wellcome Collection

Distances From Shooter's Hill

Well here we go again. Running a bit late time round because I was working for the last few days of last year and didn't give myself time to do this. Also I can't find the 'search by date' on Flickr. I found it once since their latest redesign but that was by accident and even the help forum isn't helpful so I had to manually cycle back to the start of the year to get these two. Still, onward and upward!

The first photo was from a visit to the Wellcome Collection the day after New Years. Most of the building was closed for redecoration so I mooched around the permanent exhibit and the 'Foreign Bodies, Common Ground' exhibition. It was supposed to be about artists being based in medical research centres around the world, what actually seemed to happen was that almost all the artists went out of the medical research centres and instead spend their time directly in the communities and working with them to produce various pieces.

The second photo was taken on one of the dry days in January when a friend and I walked a green chain walk and ended up on Shooters Hill. Although our experience was nowhere near as bad as the parts of the country that were now underwater we had traversed muddy fields and even muddier woody paths and were now heading home when I saw this. I think it was in the grounds of a church.


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