Jan. 5th, 2015

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'The Fashion World of Jean Paul Gaultier', Barbican

Brain Coral, Grant Museum, UCL

Oh the divine Mister Gaultier. The travelling exhibition that touched down in the Barbican last Spring was a feast for the eyes even if they stubbornly refused to give any perspective on how the man's work developed over time. It was a little galling but on reflection I think I just wanted it all for myself.

U.C.L's Grant Museum was a place I visited due to its exhibitions inclusion on the IanVisit's website. It has its uses, there's been a number of places I visited last year having only found out about them from that website and while they've been interesting the website sometimes lacks specific information in favour of culling text from another website somewhere. I trolled long the road, not expecting a Natural History Museum to have been secreted in the back roads of Bloomsbury but was still surprised to find the Grant Museum was a small hall in the corner of one of the many U.C.L. buildings in the area. I forget now what my exact reason for visiting had been, I only remember that whatever it was, it was so anticlimactic compared to the write-up that I promptly gave up on it and instead wandered around looking at the interesting skeletons and fossils on display. The Grant Museum is on Gower Street, if you're in the area then by all means pop in but it's not worth a visit in its own right or worth too large a deviation from your route.
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Brazilian World Cup Festival, Trafalgar Square

'Visionaries, Dissenters and Rebels' Walking Tour

And so, we reach a month when there's so much to choose from. This was the month when T.F.L. had their display of buses through the ages up the length of Regent Street. This was the month that the Serpentine Gallery showed yet again that giving stupid amounts of money to artists won't dissuade them from vomiting terrible pavilion designs in your back garden. But in the end it was Brazil day in Trafalgar Square for the World Cup kick-off (boom tish!) with the people demonstrating up on the terrace and the life-size table football down by the lions. I was surprised by the fact I got quite into watching football this summer. If you treat the England team as the clowns on at the start then it becomes quite exciting when they're out of the way to watch the trapeze acts, the would-be lion tamer's and the high wire performers. I picked a team to support only because one of the players was named after a Marvel superhero.

The other picture is of David Rosenberg, who took a party of us on a fascinating tour of Islington and Clerkenwell, pointing out the offices of the A.N.C-in-exile, Lenin's flat and the graves of clowns. His website is East End Walks and you should all go on at least one of them this year.


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